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Amulets to carry
The amulet to carry against violence is an Obeah one: Three grains of corn
and a crab claw tied in a bit of black cloth. You may also use a bandanna
cloth if you have to.
Moss bags and moss balls are made into amulets or sachets then worn on the
body and put in among the clothes in the closet. It wards off evil spirits as
well as acting as a scent.
The amulet to wear to ward off ghosts, apparitions, and all other forms of
materialization is made of alligator teeth. These teeth are also manna for
problems with the throat or neck. They can also attract powerful good luck.
Arrowhead-Carry an arrowhead for protection against enemies, bad luck,
hexes, jealousy, evil spirits, and all negative forces. Place an
arrowhead over your front door (or under the mat) to prevent burglars
from breaking into your home, and keep one in your car to help guard
against accidents and theft.
Beryl-Known as both the "mystic stone" and the "Seer's Stone," yellow
or golden beryl increases psychic abilities when placed over the Third
Eye chakra or when held in the left hand during meditative rituals. When
worn as amuletic jewelry, beryl is said to banish fear, strengthen the
intellect, protect against enemies, promote the love of married couples,
and attract the affections of the opposite sex. Once used to make
crystal balls, beryl has long been used by seers as a scrying stone and
as a dowsing stone to help locate lost or hidden thins. To promote
friendship or to reconcile enemies, engrave the image of a frog on a
piece of beryl and carry it near to your heart or wear it on a gold
Bull Amulet-To increase fertility in women and virility in men, wear a
bull-shaped amulet, or place one under the bed before making love. When
worn as jewelry, the symbol of the bull protects the wearer against all
maledictions, procures the favor of magistrates, and brings extras
special good luck to persons born under the astrological sign of Taurus.
Amulet for courage, happiness, and money.
 Ingredients: thyme (courage), marjoram (happiness),
 cinnamon (money), quartz crystal (empowered for all purposes)
 Cleanse self and space. Cast Circle. Hand sew a small
 piece of white fabric into a small pouch, leaving the open. Make
sure that you sew with power.  Empower the Herbs and the crystal. Say
out loud "From this charm I create, only courage, happiness and
money are to follow. In no way shall this spell reverse, or place
upon me any curse. This is my will, so mote it be."  Keep this amulet
in your bag or pocket. It may need to   be topped up with   more
empowered herbs and crystals after about 6 weeks
Fairy Amulet-Wear any type of fairy-shaped jewelry as an amulet to
increase magickal powers, enhance all enchantments, attract fairy-folk
and put your spirit in harmony with Mother Nature.
Fever Amulet
"O Tireless One, KOK KOUK KOUL, save Tais whom Taraus from every
Shivering Fit, whether Tertian or Quartan Quotidian Fever, or an
Every-other-day Fever, or one Night, or even a Mild Fever, because I am
the, tireless God, KOK KOUK KOUL! Immediately, ! Quickly, quickly!"
from Magical Papyri
by John Opsopaus
Garnet-Also known as the "Passion Stone," the garnet is a balancer of
the yin/yang energies. It increases psychic sensitivity and sexual
energy. Garnet is an ideal gemstone to use during meditative rituals,
and it can be worn as amuletic jewelry to attract sexual love and soul
mates. When placed under a pillow or worn while sleeping, it wars off
bad dreams and evil spirits of the night. A garnet engraved with the
symbol of a lion is a powerful amulet for attracting good health and
success. It also protects the wearer from all dangers when traveling. To
attract a lover, wear a heart-shaped garnet amulet in a red velvet charm
bag over your heart. (be sure to anoint it every Friday night with three
drops of rose or patchouli oil.)
Luck amulet
2 wood ruff
1 white stone clover.
1 St. Johns Wort
Put it in a little green bag to carry around your neck or hang it in
your room.
Items needed:
One and a half cups of Rose petals
Two cups of rose water or water
Rose Essential oil
Ylang-Ylang essential oil
Rolling pin
Small cookie cutter or very small glass
Ice pick, Knitting needle or wooden skewer
Medium enamel pot or pyrex pot and lid
Start by snipping off and discarding the white portionof each petal. Focus
on drawing love to you as you do this. Drop the petals into the enamel pot.
Cover the petals with the rose water or ritual water.
 (Reserve the essential oil until later.)
 Cover and slowly bring it to a simmer. Do not boil!
 Simmer for a total of thirty minutes.  Focus on
 drawing love to you. Remove from heat, stir in some
 of the rose essential oil, then allow it to sit in the lidded pot
overnight. the next day, return it to the heat and repeat the process, adding
more rose water or ritual water, if needed. (Add a few drops of rose
essential oil.) Do this for a total of three days. On the third day, let it
cook until it is a dryish mass. Let it cool a bit, then remove it from the
pot and squeeze out the remaining fluid.
The rose mass should be able to hold its shape.
Knead in a few drops of ylang-ylang essential oil;
concentrating on drawing love to you as you knead.
Divide the rose 'dough' in half.
Roll out one of the balls and cut with a cookie cutter. With the ice pick,
make two small holes to be used for hanging the amulet. If desired, etch in
your sigil, a rune or other love symbol. (You can make the remaining dough
into another amulet for a friend or to hold in reserve, as it will 'melt'
over time.)
Set the amulet away to dry, for a week. Every night,
gently turn the amulet to dry evenly. Focus on drawing
love to you as you do this.
The finished amulet is a velvety greyish-black.
String it on a bit of yarn (so it reaches, when worn,
to chest level.) Wear under your clothing, next to
your skin.Annoint with love drawing oil before meeting your lover, if desire
Unicorn Amulet-The unicorn is an ancient symbol of chastity and
protection, and its fabled horn was said to be used in medieval times as
an amulet to detect poisons in the food or drinks of Kings, Queens,
Pontiffs and Popes. To promote fertility or increase sexual magnetism,
wear any type of amuletic jewelry shaped like a unicorn.