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Aries ~ 21 March - 20 April
Origin: The Ram appeared for the first time in Egypt, alternating with a goose's head as the symbol
of Aries; its origin is a mystery. Keywords: Assertive, Urgent, Forthright, Selfish
Flowers/Trees: Thistle, Bryony, and Honeysuckle/Thorn-bearing trees, some types of Fir Herbs and Spices: Capers, Mustard, Cayenne Pepper
Body Area: Head Gemstone: Diamond Color: Red
Ruling Planet: Mars Element: Fire Animals: Sheep and Rams
Arians want to stand out from the crowd, and have the will to succeed.   Basically uncomplicated, they are direct in their approach, and able to cope in a straightforward way with the day to day problems of life.   They strip away everything that is not necessary to the achievement of their goals, whether these are immediate or long term.   For example, the menu of tonight's dinner or the details of a contract.   Their ability to see clearly the essential elements of important decisions is both enviable and convincing.
Taurus ~ 21 April - 21 May
Origin: The Egyptian Horus was the Bull of Heaven,
and a white bull was sacrificed in Babylonia
at the New Year to placate Ramman, the
god of thunder and lightning. Keywords: Possessive, Permanent
Flowers/Trees: Rose, Poppy, Columbine, Foxglove, Primula, Daisy, Violet/Ash, Cypress, Vine, Apple, Pear,
Fig Herbs and Spices: Cloves, Sorrel, Spearmint
Body Area: Throat, Neck,
Thyroid Gland Gemstone: Emerald Color: Pink
Ruling Planet: Venus Element: Earth Animals: Cattle
 Reliability is the essential characteristic of a Taurean - but if he or she is to function satisfactorily, it must be against a stable and secure background, for emotional and material security is of prime importance. These people have a great deal of common sense but can lack flexibility, and must realize that even well thought out decisions should sometimes be changed.   Taureans often surround themselves with possessions as an outward sign of their achievements, and to convince them of their progress and position in society.
Gemini ~ 22 May - 21 June
Origin: Castor and Pollux, peculiarly bright stars, were probably the original heavenly twins (actually called in Egypt, the Two Stars). Keywords: Communicative, Adaptable, Versatile, Restless
Flowers/Trees: Lilly of the Valley, Lavender, Maidenhair, Myrtle, Fern/nut bearing trees Herbs and Spices: Aniseed, Marjoram, Caraway, Balm, Bittersweet
Body Area: Arms, Nerves, Shoulders Gemstone: Agate Color: Yellow
Ruling Planet: Mercury Element: Air Animals: Parrots and Monkeys
Versatility is the hallmark of sun sign Geminians.   This is the first dual sign of the zodiac, and its subjects find it essential to pursue several courses of action at once.   They also need to communicate on all levels. Their potential can be expressed in many ways, but especially through the media.   This need for communication is so strong that they'll telephone their local radio station with comments on every conceivable subject and will even chat to someone in a bus line if no one else is available at the time.
Cancer ~ 22 June - 22 July
Origin: Cancer the Crab probably originated in
Babylon; but twin turtles were associated
with this sign in Egypt, where Thoth, among
other things the god of astronomy, ruled
the constellation. Keywords: Protective, Sensitive, Moody
Flowers/Trees: Acanthus, Convolvulus, Geranium, Lilly,
Waterlilly, white flowers in general/all trees, particularly those rich in sap Herbs and Spices: Saxifrage, Verbena, Tarragon
Body Area: Chest, Breasts, Alimentary Canal Gemstone: Pearl Color: Silver Gray
Ruling Planet: The Moon Element: Water Animals: Creatures with a shell covering
The need to protect the self and the family from threat is one of the chief Cancerian characteristics. Challenge a Cancerian in argument and a remarkable self-defense system springs into action. The expression tightens and clouds, a frown quickly appears between the eyes and there is an instant, rather snappy answer. This is a rather enigmatic zodiac type, but familiarity with a Cancerian reveals loving kindness and caring beneath an unpromising surface. A high emotional level is married to very considerable intuition.
Leo ~ 23 July - 23 August
Origin: The Lion is associated with the pattern of stars
in its constellation, and may originally have
been suggested by it; it was probably born in Egypt at least 3,000 years B.C. Keywords: Creative, Impressive, Powerful
Flowers/Trees: Sunflower, Marigold, Celandine, Passion Flower/Palm, Bay, Laurel, Walnut, Olive, Citrus  Herbs and Spices: Saffron, Peppermint, Rosemary, Rue
Body Area: Heart, Spine, Back Gemstone: Ruby Color: Colors of Sunrise and Sunset
Ruling Planet: Sun Element: Fire Animals: Big game cats
Organization is essential for Leos, who need control in their lives. With the slightest encouragement, their organizational ability will spill over into the disordered lives of others.   The risk lies in their taking over, because they hate to see ability wasted.   Their worst fault is in assuming they always know best.   Leos may also be extremely dogmatic, and so must cultivate flexible minds and respect for others' opinions.   The characteristic Leonine warmth, generosity and desire to understand others can then be fully indulged.
Virgo ~ 24 August - 22 September
Origin: Nidaba, the Egyptian goddess of grain, was probably the original of the virgin (the Egyptian harvest began with the moon was in this constellation). In Sumeria the figure, far from being a virgin, was that of the Great Mother, whose daughter was sometimes the guardian
of the harvest. Keywords: Critical, Analytical, Carping
Flowers/Trees: Forget-me-not, Yellow Archangel, Alkanet, Buttercup, Cat's Ear/all nutbearing trees Herbs and Spices: Aniseed, Marjoram, Caraway, Balm, Bittersweet
Body Area: Stomach, Intestines, Nervous System Gemstone: Sardonyx Color: Navy Blue, Dark Brown, Green
Ruling Planet: Mercury Element: Earth Animals: All domestic pets
 Virgoans are in constant motion due to their abundant nervous energy.   It is vital that this energy finds a positive outlet, otherwise it will be frittered away in restless twitchiness.   Virgoans should also learn to center themselves and achieve inner calm.   If they don't, tension can be a severe problem and, mixed with the almost inevitable Virgoan worry, will lead to nervous upsets.   Worry is at the root of most personal problems for these individuals and is best countered by their analytical, critical and practical qualities.
Libra ~ 23 September - 23 October
Origin: The image of the scales may be connected
with the weighing of the Egyptian harvest
for the assessment of taxes, or associated
with the Babylonian conception of the
weighing of one's vices and virtues after
death. Keywords: Harmonious, Sympathetic, Resentful
Flowers/Trees: Larger Roses, Hydrangea, Blue flowers in general/Ash, Poplar Herbs and Spices: Mint, Cayenne
Body Area: Kidneys Gemstone: Sapphire,
Jade Color: Shades of blue from pale to ultramarine; pink, pale green
Ruling Planet: Venus Element: Air Animals: Lizards, small reptiles
The scales, the symbol of this sign, have a deeply symbolic meaning for sun sign Librans, since the need for balance and harmony in their lives is paramount.   They need a harmonious background, free of undue pressure and argument, in order to be happy.   They will sometimes even make sacrifices for the sake of peace and quiet, giving in too easily to pressure from others, and when confronted with a problem they will sit on the fence until the problem goes away, rather than commit themselves to one side or the other.
Scorpio ~ 24 October - 22 November
Origin: There is a Scorpion man in the Babylonian epic
of Gilgamesh (2000 B.C.); the symbol appears
in Mesopotamia, and 1000 years later, in Egypt; but the origin is unknown. Keywords: Intense, Passionate, Jealous
Flowers/Trees: Rhododendron, Geranium/Blackthorn, and
bushy trees Herbs and Spices: Aloes, Witch Hazel, Cat Mint
Body Area: Sexual Organs Gemstone: Opal Color: Dark Red, Maroon
Ruling Planet: Pluto
Mars) Element: Water Animals: Most insects
 The chief characteristic of a sun sign Scorpio is a remarkable reserve of energy.   It is often said that this is the "worst" of the sun signs.   Of course, this isn't true:   the sign's energies are so strong they can seem overpowering, even inhibiting; the Scorpio can feel driven by them.   But if they are fully and positively expressed, both physically and emotionally, the individual will be a big achiever.   However, if the energy flow is inhibited or uncontrolled, it can be disastrous, with typical resentfulness, jealously and broodiness.
Sagittarius ~ 23 November - 21 December
Origin: Of unknown origin; there was an early
confusion between Sagittarius and Scorpio,
for we find centaur figures with Scorpio tails
in Babylonia. Keywords: Philosophical, Free, Explorative, Offhanded
Flowers/Trees: Carnation, Dandelion, pink flowers/Lime,
Birch, Mulberry, Oak, Ash, Chestnut, Thistle Herbs and Spices: Sage, Aniseed, Balsam, Balm, Bilberry, Borage, Cinnamon, Dock, Mosses
Body Area: Hips, Thighs, Liver Gemstone: Topaz Color: Dark Blue, Purple
Ruling Planet: Jupiter Element: Fire Animals: Horses, hunted animals
Challenge is important in a fulfilling Sagittarian life.   When an achievement is accomplished, Sagittarius soon begins work on the next one.   The compulsion to set new targets and meet them is so strong that it can become all-engrossing, with present activities being skimped because the eye is always on future plans.    Sagittarian enthusiasm, optimism, and zest for life are second to none but must be controlled. The worst fault, restlessness, can be a severe problem, for Sagittarians don't always see projects through to the end.
Capricorn ~ 22 December - 20 January
Origin: The Babylonian god Ea wore a cloak designed
as a fish's skin complete with head and tail: among his names was "Antelope of the Seas" - what better description of a fishtailed goat?
He came from the oceans to teach wisdom
to land strolling man. Keywords: Prudent, Aspiring, Calculated, Grumbling
Flowers/Trees: Ivy, Heartsease, Amaranthus, Pansy/Pine, Elm, Yew, Willow, Aspen, Poplar Herbs and Spices: Hemp, Comfrey, Knapweed, Hemlock, Henbane
Body Area: Knees, Skin, Bones, Teeth Gemstone: Turquoise, Amethyst Color: Dark Gray, Black, Dark Brown
Ruling Planet: Saturn Element: Earth Animals: Goats, all cloven footed animals
 This is a sign of contrasts.   There is a great potential for success in every Capricorn, though sometimes they refuse to recognize it and their outlook can be pessimistic, so the potential may remain undeveloped. On the one hand, some members of this sign are ambitious and aspiring, with the energy and will to succeed in whatever they set themselves to do; on the other, there are those who may have the desire to do well, but are hindered by inhibition and lack of self-confidence (sometimes disguised by a feigned laziness).
Aquarius ~ 21 January - 18 February
Origin: The Egyptian god Hapi watered the earth
from two jugs; but there seems also an association with Ea, sometimes called the
God with two Streams. Keywords: Independent, Humane, Distant
Flowers/Trees: Orchid, Golden Rain/Fruit Trees Herbs and Spices: Those with sharp unusual flavors
Body Area: Shins, Ankles, Circulatory System Gemstone: Aquamarine Color: Turquoise
Ruling Planet: Uranus (anciently Saturn) Element: Air Animals: Large birds which fly afar
The Aquarian need for independence can't be underestimated, and it is essential that Aquarians develop and sustain the right lifestyle. Although they have the reputation of being particularly friendly, in many ways they are very private and dislike having their privacy invaded.   Their natural friendliness is linked to a genuine desire to be helpful, so anyone in trouble will always find them ready to help, approaching others' problems as they approach their own - logically, detached and without undue emotion.
Pisces ~ 19 February - 20 March
Origin: On its earliest appearance in the Babylonian zodiac, Pisces was called the Constellation
of the Tails; the two fishes were associated
with the goddesses Anunitum and Simmah,
one symbolizing the river Tigris and one the
Euphrates. Keywords: Nebulous, Impressionable, Deceitful
Flowers/Trees: Water Lilly, those blooming in Piscean colors/Willow, Fig, trees growing near
water Herbs and Spices: Saccharin, Chicory, Lime, Mosses
Body Area: Feet Gemstone: Moonstone, Bloodstone Color: Soft Sea Green
Ruling Planet: Neptune (anciently Jupiter) Element: Water Animals: Mammals that like water, fish
The symbol of Pisces - two fishes swimming in opposite directions - suggests the main tension in the Piscean character:   a natural perversity.   Kindness joins with keep intuition to make Pisceans the best sort of friends.   They are friendly, charitable and self-sacrificing, but their willingness to help others has a drawback in that they too often make it an excuse for failing to exploit their own high potential; they are so busy using their energy on behalf of their family and friends that they have little left for their own affairs.