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Floromancy - Divining with Flowers.
It is said that in the spring, if you happen to find the first flower of the
season on
Monday - it is good fortune for the season.
Tuesday - your greatest attempts will be successful.
Wednesday - denotes a marriage.
Thursday - a warning of small profits.
Friday - wealth.
Saturday - misfortune.
Sunday - excellent luck for weeks to come.
Take a question to your garden and randomly pick a petal off a pansy, without
looking at it. When you examine your petal, the following information may be
* If the petal has four lines in it, it is a sign of hope.
* Five lines coming from the center branch is hope founded in fear.
* Thick lines bent to the right means prosperity.
* Thick lines bent to the left mean trouble ahead.
* Seven streaks is consistent love.
* Eight streaks means fickleness in either you or those around you.
* Nine, a changing heart.
It was believed that wearing the blossom associated with your month of birth
would bring exceptionally good luck.
January - Snowdrop, a symbol of purity.
February - Violet, for kindness and faith.
March - Daffodil, an emblem for sincerity.
April - Primrose, for the new love springing up in the world.
May - White Lily, for strength.
June - Wild Rose, for healing.
July - Carnation, for protection.
August - White Heather, for good luck throughout the year.
September - Michaelmas Daisy, for happiness.
October - Rosemary, for kind thoughts.
November - Chrysanthemum, for truth.
December - Ivy, for fidelity and faithfulness.
Flowers are great when there is a lot of emotion involved, especially love,
naturally. They are moderately easy to use, and most are available at any
flower shop. The more flowers you have, the more effective the spell will be.
Air: Visualize the flower encompassing you. Or write your wish on a piece of
paper and place it under the vase containing the flower until it blooms. To
answer a question, place it beside your bed for a revealing dream.
Fire: Wear or burn the essence of the flower while speaking your will. Or burn
a candle beside the flower until it opens.
Water: Throw the flower in a body of water and speak your will. Or soak the
petals in water all night under a full moon and drink it while calling the
Earth: Surround yourself with flowers, or plant it's seed while concentrating
on your intend (obviously this is a long term spell).
Here is a list of helpful flowers:
Water Lily: Relieves emotional pain.
Daisy: Simplicity, clarity, playfulness.
Lavender: Honesty, truth.
White Lily: Spiritual awareness.
Cornflower: Abundance, fertility.
Sunflower: Strength.
Sweet Violet: Tenderness.
Jasmine: Sexual pleasure.
Rose: Love.
Tulip: Mends a broken heart.
Suggested Magickal Meanings Of Flowers
 This is not a complete list and it is only intended as a suggested guide.
 Work with flowers, that you are most closely attracted to.  Trust your
 to what each flower means to you.
 Acacia ~ Friendship
  Amaryllis ~ Beauty, timidity, love and shyness
  Anemone ~ Abandonment, forsakeness
  AppleBlossom ~ Preference
  Arbutus ~ Fidelity and true love
  Aster ~ Variety
  Bachelor's Button ~ Hope and patience
  Beech ~ Personal finances, money and gambling
  Birch ~ Dreams, astral travel
  Buttercup ~ Ambition, social matters and riches
  Camellia ~ Gratitude
  Red Carnation ~ Poor heart and forlorn
  Pink Carnation ~ Deep love
  Striped Carnation ~ Refusal
  White Carnation ~ Purity      
 Cedar ~ Goals
  Cherry ~ Intelligence
  ChinaAster ~ Variety
  Red Chrysanthemum ~ Love
  White Chrysanthemum ~ Truth
  Daisy ~ Swift movement, a decision
  Daffodil ~ Unrequited love, high regards
  Purple Lilac ~ First emotion of love, obsession
  White Lilac ~ Youth and children
  Pansy ~ Thoughts, reflection and memory
  Lavender ~ Healing and faith
  Ivy ~ Friendship
  Pink Rose ~ Romantic love
  Red Rose ~ Passion
  White Rose ~ Silence