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To Banish Negative Forms From Your Home
Begin with a purification bath. Light the twin candles on the altar and
burn a protective and/or cleansing incense. Fill your chalice with fresh
water (be sure to consecrate it) and blessed salt. Kneel or assume the
Goddess position as you say:
"Naked come I into this sanctuary
With love and faith
From those who have gone before.
Innocent am I in understanding
Holy and pure in my love of all good and blessed things.
Supreme Goddess, ruler of light,
Lord of all
Hear my prayer,
Help me now to dispel this thing of unholiness
This creature of darkness,
Who dooms itself to shame and unhappiness.
Save him if it is thy will to do so.
Send him to the light.
Mercy is the song I sing;
Forgiveness the word most precious.
In thy everlasting grace I say this.
In humility I ask this.
So mote it be."
Take up the chalice of salt-water, face the east wall, dip your fingers
into the water, raise your hand and say:
"Powers of the East
Powers of the daystar rising
And all fresh beginnings
I purify you with salt and with water
For good vibrations of friendship warmth and love."
Then sprinkle some extra water and proceed to the south. Say:
"Powers of the South
Powers of the summer sun
Which warms our bodies and our minds
I purify you with salt and with water
For good vibrations of friendship, warmth and love."
Repeat in the west:
"Powers of the West
Powers of the purifying and cleansing waters
From which all life comes.
I purify you with salt and with water
For good vibrations of friendship, warmth and love."
Repeat in the north:
"Powers of the North
Powers of the earth, the ground
On which we stand.
I purify you with salt and with water
For good vibrations of friendship, warmth and love."
Then proceed around the room sprinkling water over all the
thresholds, windows, and doorways and in all corners. REPEAT IN EVERY
Add more incense to the burner, take up, and do the same thing, using
the same verses substituting "fire and air" in place of "salt and
water." As before, proceed around the room censing all the thresholds,
windows, doorways, and in all corners. REPEAT IN EVERY ROOM.
Take the fire candle (or a candle for this purpose) and your athame and,
starting at the door or entrance, walk slowly CLOCKWISE through the
house, through each room pausing at each door, window, and mirror and
moving the candle across it, also pentagramming each window, doorway,
and mirror with the athame. Proceed room by room spiraling clockwise.
All the while chant the following:
"By the One Power
I hereby consecrate this space
To the Goddess and the God,
According to free will
And for the good of all;
I hereby release,
In all time and all space,
Any negative cause, effect, manifestation, form or essence,
Any negative event, thought, energy, idea or vibration,
And transform it to
And replace it with
Only positive, joyous good
In keeping with the Universal harmonies
Of the Goddess and the God.
This space is divinely protected
This space is perfectly safe.
Nothing and no one can enter this space
Unless I (or my loved ones) allow them to.
This space is sacred
Consecrated and dedicated to positive living
For myself and my loved ones
And for the work of positive magic.
No harm can come to this space, or anyone in it."
As you draw each pentagram say:
"Only good can enter here
No negatives can enter
All harm is sealed out."
When you are back at the entry point conclude:
"Love lives here
Health lives here
Abundance lives here
(Name self and loved ones) live here
We claim this space for ourselves, for the mutual good
And so mote it be!"
Magick Mirrors:
To make one, you need:
An 8 x 10 photo frame with a removable back and
removable lass.
Black high-gloss paint (not spray)
Dried psychic hers: hyssop, dragons blood, orris root,
anise seed, or any type of dried moss.
A disposable mixing container.
A paint brush
Collect the items during the waning phase. Mix paint
and herbs together until you have a thick tar like substance.
Chant while mixing.
"Vision of night,
by the moon's dark light,
enter my art...all evil depart."
As you chant, imagine moonbeams entering the pain
through your hands. Paint one side of the glass with
the paint herb mixture using long straight strokes.
Cover one surface completely leaving no
holes. When dry, re-assemble with painted side down.
Now you are done or you can add shells, stones,
feathers, mirror pieces, symbols around the edges.
Binding Spells
Freezer Binding Spell
Best done on the Full Moon or on a Saturday during the Waning Moon.
Write the name of the person you wish to prevent from harming you on a piece
of paper. Gaze at the paper and visualize the face of the person in question;
see their face vividly imprinted on the paper. Then, fold the paper three
times. Tie it up with black thread or string, and put it into a small
watertight container. Fill the container with water, and place in a nook of
the freezer where it's unlikely to be disturbed, saying:
Stay there and freeze, for as long as I please.
To reverse this spell, take the container out of the freezer and let it thaw
in the sink for the day/night. Empty the water and paper down the drain or
into the toilet.
Discover True Friends:
This spell is written by Matthew McLauchlin.
Perform during a full moon, preferably while the moon is in Taurus or
Assemble the following:
BASIL (against evil)
LEMON and PEA (friendship)
BAY (psychic ability)
CINNAMON (dreams)
HIBISCUS (divination)
DRAGON'S BLOOD (catalyst)
Place a potted PLANT on the altar (if you are doing this spell after
having been betrayed in friendship, use an ALOE plant for healing). If
you wish to divine the identity of your friends in a scry or other
divination method such as tarot, also have an OBSIDIAN stone on the
altar; if you prefer dream divination, use FLUORITE instead.
Cast the circle and raise the power. Light a BLUE (truth and friendship)
candle. Grind the herbs together; as you do so, imagine their power
flowing through your arm into your body. Release the power into the
stone you are using. Once you have charged the stone, sacrifice the
herbs to the elements by throwing some into the wind, smudging (burning)
some in your cauldron, mixing some with water and pouring it away, and
finally burying the rest in your potted plant. Then if you used the
obsidian, scry in its surface or have it with you as you perform some
other divination. If you used the fluorine, wear it to bed that night
and you will dream about your friends.
Remember to record your dream so you can contemplate it more fully! Once
your magickal workings are complete, bind the spell, earth the power and
uncast the circle...
Healing Flames
Draw a picture of yourself with the disease, wound or condition. Clearly
point out the problem in the picture: a large hammer against the head to
represent a headache; black worms for a virus; a broken limb; a sore.
Charge a red candle with healing energy. Light the candle's flame. Hold
the tip of the picture in the flame. After it's lit, drop it into a heat
proof container.
Now, with the red candle still burning, draw another picture of yourself
without the headache, free of the virus or sore, or with a healed limb.
Place this picture under the red candle & let it burn out.
You are done.
Before practicing any love spells....If you want to enjoy all that love has
to offer, begin by saying the following affirmation at least twenty times a
day for one week:
               I am a magnet for love,
               Love is within me, without me,
               Before me and behind me,
               I AM LOVE.
At the end of the week you will find that you feel stronger and more
confident of your ability to attract love.  This is the time to get ready to
experience the greatest gift the universe can give a human being...."
This followed:
"An Aromatherapy Love Philter - The following heady blend of luscious
essential oils is best burned in an aromatherapy oil burner.  The blend is
believed to be pleasing to the spirits of love...  The recipe is based on a
Caribbean love oil worn by young girls wishing to enchant their lovers.
To an oil burner full of water add the following:
Two drops of essential oil of patchouli
two drops of essential oil of orange
two drops of essential oil of cinnamon
a hint of essential oil of clove
If you wish to wear this blend of essential oils on your skin as a love
perfume, add the specified number of drops of each to three teaspoons (15ml)
of pure virgin olive oil and shake well."
To Help pay Debts
Take a key to a strong box and go to a country crossroads at midnight during
the Full Moon. Lay the key in the middle of the crossroad and walk in a
circle around it three times to the left and three times to the right,
Take the key home and put it on your keyring.
The Mysterious, Magickal
Cat by D.J. Conway C 1998 Llewellyn Publications
Cat (Animal) Healing P 12-13
*Materials* : Statue of Bast and/or Sekhmet or of a black cat. Picture of
the cat (or animal) to be healed, or at least their name written on a piece
of paper. Green thread. A blue or white candle. Incense: lavendar lotus,
or myrrh.
*Timing* : Healing should be done any time it is needed; repeat the
spellworking on the next Full Moon to reinforce and strengthen the healing
*Other Advice* :  Be certain that the animal in question really wants a
healing, otherwise you will be fighting against their intuitive instincts.
Cats and other animals usually have more spiritual sense than humans when
it comes to knowing when it is time to leave life.  Oftentimes the magician
must learn when to let go and let life end in its natural course.
Set up a little altar or sacred space, arranging the statues to the rear of
your working area.  Place the candle to the side of the statue or in
between if you are using two statues. Light the candle and the incense.
With the photo or paper with the sick animal's name on it before you, ask
the goddess Bast to grant healing.  Take as much time as you feel you need
to express this petition.
Sit quietly for a time, visualizing a stream of healing blue light coming
from the candle and blending into the picture or paper before you.
When the blue light ceases, take the green thread and cut off a piece 13
inches long.  If you are using a paper with the name written on it, roll
the paper into a small cylinder and wrap the green thread around it several
times, tying it when you are finished.  If you are working with a photo,
just loosely wrap the thread about the photo.  Do the thread wrapping while
Lady of cats, large and small,
Answer my entreating call.
Cast out the sickness, bring the Light.
Grant loving healing through Thy might.
Renewing green, healing blue,
I bind these energies into you.
As threads about your image wind,
Perfect healing to you I bind.
Lay the thread-wrapped photo or paper near the statue, leaving it there
until the candle is burned out.  Burn the thread and paper (if you are
using a photo, remove the thread to be burned and return the photo to the
proper person) and dispose of the ashes and candle wax.
Saying Farewell (Funeral type spell) Pg 22-23
*Materials* : Picture of the human or cat (or other animal) who has died.
Statues or pictures of Bast and Isis.  A goblet of fresh water and a small
amount of salt.  Incense: frankincense.  A white and a black candle.
*Timing* : Whenever it is needed and the time best for those participating.
*Other advice* : Called a wake by the Irish, the farewell for someone who
has died is a very important method of facing reality and releasing
emotions, which if not released properly can cause great problems.  No one,
male or female, should try the stiff upper lip-it isn't mentally healthy.
Have plenty of tissue on hand, and give anyone who needs it the luxury of
letting it all out.
Set up a little altar or sacred space, arranging the black candle on the
left and the white candle on the right at the rear of your working area.
Place the statues between the candles with the picture of the deceased in
front of them.  The goblet of water and dish of salt can be set to one
Light both candles and say:
We are gathered here to remember (person's or animal's name).  Our sorrow
is great because we can no longer touch and hold him (her), for we are
still bound by a physical body while he (she) is free in ethereal form.
Drop a pinch of salt into the goblet and gently swirl it to mix. Say:
Salt and water, symbols of eternal creation.
The taste of water and salt reminds us of the blood which keeps our
physical bodies alive.
Yet it also reminds us of the sea, the water of the womb, and the
sacredness of the eternal circle of all life.
(Name), we release you to the rest you need, knowing that one day, in
another time and place once more we shall meet and know and love again.
Lightly sprinkle drops of the salted water over the altar.  Put out the
black candle saying:
You have cast off the Earthly body by which we knew you,
Put out the white candle and say:
But you have put on another body, one of joy and Light.
Remember us.
Now is the time for everyone present to recall pleasant, happy, and funny
remembrances of the deceased.  If there are tears, recognize them as a part
of the healing process.
To Lose Your Troubles
Take a handful of earth and gaze into it. Put all your troubles and
thoughts of distress into it. State exactly what it is that's troubling
you. When finished, throw the dirt behind you and walk away without
turning around to look at it.
You will need:
1 orange candle
anointing oil (frankincense, cinnamon or rosemary)
incense (frankincense, cinnamon or rosemary)
Anoint the candle with the oil, focusing on being as radiant as the
Sun, and accomplishing your goal successfully. See yourself as
abundantly creative, and make a wish for accomplishing a specific
creative project. Write down on a small piece of paper what you wish for
... and put the piece of paper under the candle, and as you light it,
"May this or something better now manifest in accordance with the
highest karmic good for all concerned."
Let the candles burn as you visualize your goal.
You can repeat this for several days, up until the Full Moon, but let
the candles burn all the way down on the last day. Keep the slip of
paper on your altar, in a special small box, or in a medicine bag to be
worn around your neck.
A Bit of Weather Magick
     Sprinkle rice clockwise while another person or a musical tape
     plays slowly increasing drum beats. This sympathetic magic can
     work to bring rain or snow; for rain, I suggest dyeing the rice blue.
     This type of rain magic was common in the ancient Far East.
     Alternative tools here include shaking a rattle or rain stick (an
     African tradition), turning on a sprinkler, or even using a spritzer
     bottle. In European folklore it is said that hitting wet rags against
     stone or shaking a wet broom upon the ground can similarly
     encourage precipitation.
 Spell Usage        
     Moderating or changing certain weather patterns.
 Spell Timing
      November and December. Waxing moon to bring a specific type of
     weather, waning moon to stop it. Water signs and Wednesday to
     encourage precipitation, fire signs and Sunday for dryness. Earth
A Moon Vow For The Loss Of Weight:
When the moon shows cold and slender,
Stand beneath her starved light,
Wearing only white and silver-
Say, to whet her appetite,
I make my vow to fast until
This crescent Moon shines round and full;
While she waxes let me wane:
I must lose, that she may gain
While she grows, take silver wine
Silver wine, silver milk
And bread like snow, or linen fine,
And fish as clear as ice or silk-
But only these, and less of all
Than you would wish, to feed her well.
Witch's Bottle
To make a witch's bottle, you must first select the bottle you want to use.
Your bottle may be clear or tinted.  If your working with a colored bottle,
choose a color that suits what you are doing. Tinted bottles are great for
spells that use color correspondence. Once you have a bottle, wash it with
warm soapy water, or cleanse it in the ocean. After you have washed it
magickly cleanse it, and bathe it in the light of the full moon. When the
Bottle is clean it is time to fill it. There are a lot of options when it
comes to content, here are some examples....
To make a witch bottle to aid in grounding, fill the bottle with sand, small
rocks, granite, dust, and other such materials.  Seal it with colored wax or
cork, and place it in view when it is to be available to use.
For protection from unfriendly forces, you can fill the bottle with very
sharp objects such as nails, pins, safety pins, and needles.
By collecting herbs, resin, leaves, roots, and spices and filling a bottle
with them, you ca concoct a wide variety of wards, spells, or talisman. Add a
base oil or cider vinegar and you have a wonderful gift for your friends, (
these would enhance their magickal life as well as their cooking) Iron or
other metal fillings can be used to create a "magickal battery" or repository
for specific sorts of working. Let the fillings acquire a good charge from
various rituals and then use them in divination or spell work.
You can also fill the bottle with a variety of flower petals selected for
their healing properties attributes, or correspondences to planetary or other
forces. You may want to include a bit of alcohol vinegar , or olive oil to
preserve the flowers.
Witch bottles are versatile, eminentley useful, and can be a lot of fun to make
and share.