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In all forms of magick, the universe and everything in it are said to be
made up of four elements: Air, Fire, Water, Earth. The element of Spirit
rules the center as a balance. In dragon magick, specific dragons rule
these elements and help to create through their powers.
These four elements correspond to the four directions, the four quarters
of the universe, the four winds, and the four quarters of the magickal
Each element has assigned traditional rulers and boundaries to their
kingdoms. They possess form and force, and can influence our
personalities as well as magickal procedures. Each element and its
dragons has certain qualities, natures, moods, and magickal purposes;
each has positive and negative traits. Because the magician calls upon
each element and its ruler, it is very important to understand them,
what they are and what they do.
Most of the information contained here is from "Dancing With Dragons" by
D.J. Conway.
According to Mr. Webster, a Dragon is a fabulous animal represented as a
large-winged, scaly serpent with a crested head and huge claws.
In reality, where did the conception of this great beast come from?
Perhaps it's origin is our imagination and dreams. When did it come
alive? Perhaps life happened when mankind's first nightmare breathed
life into it. Some people say this magnificent creature is unreal and,
of course, you have those who say it lives. I believe the latter . . .
do you?
In actuality, the creature is of a tremendous size and immense
intelligence. As with all living things, there are different ages,
sizes, types, and shapes. It is said that dragons of evil nature are
such colors as white, black, green, blue, or red, whereas the good and
kind dragons are said to be metallic colors such as brass, bronze,
silver, gold, or platinum. To be truthful, the color of the creature's
scales have nothing to do with its nature, but rather its breath weapon,
strength and intelligence. In truth, dragons are neither good nor evil,
but what their environment makes them . . . just as it is with mankind.
Dragons have been christened with such elite titles as Guardian of Law,
Champion of Justice, Defender of Mercy, Protector of Purity, and Patron
of Virtue. Throughout history, they've befriended the helpless and weak,
ridding the world of those who are merciless and unjust. Although not
destructive by nature, all dragons have been known on occasion in their
zeal for valor, even if by accident, to obliterate their enemies while
carrying out one of their elite titles.
The question is, will we ever see one? Sadly, the answer of present day
is no because our reality is too hard, cold and industrious. Our world
lacks the imagination and creativity the great dragons from ancient
realms need to survive for extended periods of time. However, if we
close our eyes and dream, we can travel to the medieval age of the
mighty knights and the magnificent world of Camelot where perhaps then,
the answer will be yes. As it is, the majestic dragons, although silent
and patient, still dwell within the caves of our dreams, waiting to be
called forth to carry out their exalted titles.
O Lord, who made the dragon, and the dragon's open sky, And gave to me a
dragon's soul; a dragon's urge to fly-- Let me dance within your
cloudscapes far beyond Earth's chain, Let me rejoice in my grandeur, let
me not grow vain! Let me vindicate my honor with my fang and claw, Let
my raging heart show mercy, let that show no flaw! Let me have the joy
of all the shining gold I've stored, Let no pauper-dragon go forth
starving from my hoard. And, Lord, should the need arise and I be called
to fight, Dragon-Maker, make me victor, and, God--help that knight!
Dragons and Dreams go hand in hand Share your Dreams with a Dragon if
you can Dragons will add Magic and other Wonderful Delights Dragons will
believe in your Dreams with all their might So share your Dreams with a
Dragon start with one or two and all of your Dreams are bound to come
My friends, All of us love Dragons. Not only because they represent
something which we believe is missing in ourselves, such as nobility or
honor, but because they are part of the "old world". Where anything was
possible. Some people say that Dragons never lived or have died out of
this world. I say they haven't. We just need to rethink ourselves and
get back our innocence to see them again. Not our "purity" as man thinks
of it but innocence. How long has it been since you took time out of
your very busy life and just sat? Watched the sun come up or go down,
watched the stars shine in the velvet darkness, or even just watched the
birds? When you can do those things and recapture your joy in simple
things than maybe just maybe we will see the dragons again. They are
there... living just out of sight with all of the other beauties of ages
past like the Faeries, Gnomes, Sprites, Sylpths, Unicorns and Griffons.
Please try sometime. I think that they are just waiting for us to
believe again. I know we live in a world that is hard to exist in. One
of poverty, disease and war.. but beauty is only a belief away. We can
make the changes that our world needs...if we only try.
Dragon Guardians:
The following if from Dancing with Dragons by D.J. Conway
Guardian dragons are the most friendly of the species and the most
fun-loving. Then enjoy simple impromptu rituals that include dancing,
singing, and general fun. Simple, very relaxed rituals are an excellent
was to introduce children into the field of ritual and getting
acquainted with dragons. It is also a very good way for adults to unwind
and release stress.
These dragons are attracted to ginger and sweet-smelling and spicy
incenses. They are greatly interested in divination and have a tendency
to hang over your shoulder while you are reading cards or practicing
crystal gazing, for instance. They are interested in stories, especially
if the dragon in portrayed as powerful wily, and not defeated by puny
If you are having trouble visualizing your dragons, try using a piece of
rock crystal. It does not have to be flawless, nor does it have to have
points. It would appear that this type of crystal acts as a kind of
magnifying glass to the psychic through the third eye in the middle of
the forehead. When you have mastered the technique with rock crystal,
experiment with other kinds of translucent rocks.
Remember, dragons have individual tastes in things, just as humans do.
Dragons Of The Zodiac
1) Aries
Color = Red
Ruling Planet = Mars
Stone = Diamond
Flower = Geranium
Description = Energetic, impatient, lacking in foresight,
short-tempered, sarcastic,
witty, lucky, demanding, sharp-minded, cutting, egocentric,
adventuresome, feisty.
2) Taurus
Color = Pink & Blue(Tyl-green & turquoise)
Ruling Planet = Venus
Stone = Emerald
Flower = Violet
Description = Patient, loyal, emotionally stable, stubborn, practical,
dependable, organized,
materialistic, possessive, plodding, sweet, calm, determined,
3) Gemini
Color = Multicolor
Ruling Planet = Mercury
Stone = Agate
Flower = Lily Of The Valley
Description = Versatile, fickle, curious, high strung, a flirt,
changeable, anxious, petty,
superficial, communicative.
4) Cancer
Color = Silver, Pastels(Tyl-silver, white, dark blue)
Ruling Planet = Moon
Stone = Pearl
Flower = Larkspur
Description = Caring, nurturing, moody, clinging, dependent, lazy,
retentive memory,
receptive, changeable, sensitive, pack rat, emotional, overprotective,
messy, money-oriented.
5) Leo
Color = Gold & Scarlet(Tyl-Orange, Yellow)
Ruling Planet = Sun
Stone = Ruby
Flower = Marigold
Description = Positive, optimistic, warm, dogmatic, organizational,
hardworking, persistent,
dramatic, colorful, generous, flamboyant, arrogant, inspiring,
6) Virgo
Color = Gray & Navy Blue(Tyl-Browns, rust, orange, dark blue)
Ruling Planet = Mercury
Stone = Sapphire
Flower = Pansy
Description = Neat, fussy, conservative, efficient, studious, retiring,
worrier, practical, logical,
dependable, analytical, workaholic.
7) Libra
Color = Light blues, pink, soft rose(Tyl-Blue-green)
Ruling Planet = Venus
Stone = Opal
Flower = Rose
Description = Refined, diplomatic, vacillating, vain, social, just,
artistic, gentle, tactful.
8) Scorpio
Color = Deep reds, such as maroon(Tyl-red & black)
Ruling Planet = Pluto
Stone = Topaz
Flower = Chrysanthemum
Description = Secretive, intelligent, psychic, manipulative,
passionate, stubborn,
well-organized, deceitful, resourceful, vindictive, tenacious,
9) Sagittarius
Color = Purple & Deep blue(Tyl-dark blue)
Ruling Planet = Jupiter
Stone = Turquoise
Flower = Narcissus
Description = Outspoken, freedom loving, independent, warm, outgoing,
spiritually oriented,
athlete, opportunist, inspiring.
10) Capricorn
Color = Dark shades(Tyl-Black)
Ruling Planet = Saturn
Stone = Garnet
Flower = Carnation
Description = Rigid, practical, loner, managerial, persistent,
opinionated, sarcastic, sense of
humor, prudent, efficient, misery, cold, pessimistic, patient, ruthless,
11) Aquarius
Color = Iridescent blues(Tyl-Rust, dark orange)
Ruling Planet = Uranus
Stone = Amethyst
Flower = Orchid
Description = Perceptive, temperamental, organized, erratic, cool,
detached, ingenious,
impersonal, goal-oriented, outgoing, self-expressive, unconventional.
12) Pisces
Color = Sea Greens(Tyl-Dark blue)
Ruling Planet = Neptune
Stone = Aquamarine
Flower = Water Lily
Description = Refined, shrewd, impractical, nagging, unstable,
conartist, impressionable,
Compassionate, escapist or drifter, paranoiac, dreamer, intuitive.